Prayer for March 8

Prayer for March 8: Please pray with me. God of the conflicted, you enter conflict and bring order out of chaos.  You aren’t afraid of conflict Lord.  You are willing to go where many would rather not tread.  And you go where there are some who thrive in conflict.  Why does conflict exist Lord.  Why can’t we figure out how to get along, how to follow your commands.  Instead, we look away from you.  We distract ourselves from our brokenness and from our outright ignoring of you.  We medicate ourselves of the pain we feel at being separated from you and others.  We try to push you away from us by not listening.  Yet, you are persistent.  You go where few are willing and try what few are willing to try.  You go all in.  Help us Lord to be more like you and less like a reality show. Amen.

Prayer for June 9

Prayer for June 9: Please pray with me. Word of God, today we pray for those in conflict. Let your Word infiltrate conflict in this world.  Let your Word become present where there is conflict.  Let your will be known in the conflict.  And help those in conflict to move towards reconciliation and forgiveness.  Amen.