Prayer for January 24

Prayer for January 24: Please pray with me. God of holy conversations, come into our conversations and bless them.  We ask that you work through us to change the content of our conversations from ones of suspicion and division to conversations that live out our faith with grace, humility, and forgiveness.  We can’t wait for someone else to start doing this – we will wait forever.  Instead, cause us to be the ones to start.  Use us as an example of what is possible.  We need a different tone and attitude for difficult and important conversations Lord – conversations about politics and policy, conversations about race, conversations about people from different lands, conversations about work, conversations about humanity.  Let grace flow through these conversations.  Help us to not react to others, especially when they attack, insult, dehumanize, or degrade.  Give us the strength to respond with grace, forgiveness, and a re-establishment of humanity.  Let grace flow through our politics.  Let grace flow through our conversations.  Let grace flow through our lives.  Let grace flow Lord.  And let it start with me.  Amen.

Prayer for November 9

Prayer for November 9: Please pray with me.  Holy Word, today we pray for those who enter into holy conversations – those times when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with someone else and where you are present.  These are sacred times in which we feel your presence, hear your words of hope, mercy, joy, and peace.  Words matter Lord – and you know it.  You are the ultimate Word.  Words shape us and change us.  If we didn’t believe this, then we wouldn’t be praying.  Open our ears to hear your Word through the lips of those around us and to be the lips that proclaim boldly your loving and saving presence in a world that is in need of grace, mercy, peace, and forgiveness.  Amen.