Prayer for June 27

Prayer for June 27: Please pray with me.  God of the cross, you call us to pick up our cross and follow you. Open our ears to hear how radical that call is.  It’s not about bearing a burden or hardship.  It’s not a first world problem either. It’s picking up the instrument that could kill us – all for your sake.  To live in a Christ-like manner where we love our enemies and offer grace to those we disagree with – even bitterly.  To live differently than what our culture clamors for – being right at all costs and trampling those in the way.  Help up to have the courage to die to self, to die to culture, and to live the way you call us to live, so that more can experience true life.  Amen.

Prayer for October 26

Prayer for October 26: Please pray with me. God of the cross, today we pray for all those who suffer is body, mind, spirit, or any other way.  We know that you reveal yourself in the moments of suffering.  We are reminded that you revealed your ultimate glory and your very character and being in the cross.  You walk with all those who are suffering.  Help them to feel your presence in their lives.  And help the rest of us to walk with those suffering as well.  Close our mouths from speaking cliches and stop us from trying to fix something that can’t be fixed.  Help us to just be with the ones who suffer.  Amen.

Prayer for May 23

Prayer for May 23: Please pray with me. Gracious God, today we pray that we would deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow you.  Help us to put down out egos and our desires.  Help us to see past our own concerns to be able to serve and love those around us.  Also, help us be open to receiving love from others.  Amen.