Prayer for December 21

Prayer for December 21: Please pray with me. God of Light, in the Northern Hemisphere we will experience darkness today – it is the shortest day of the year.  Let your light shine in the darkness.  Let your light of love, peace, joy, hope, forgiveness, and grace shine bright.  Your light is needed Lord.  When light shines, the darkness can not over come it.  Let us be your instruments of light too Lord.  Because you have shined your light into our lives, let us reflect that light to others.  Let us be instruments of love, peace, joy, hope, forgiveness, and grace to those around us.  And in so doing, let the light not only outshine the darkness, but change it.  Amen.


Prayer for January 23

Prayer for January 23: Please pray with me. God of light, shine in the darkness.  Shine in the darkness of our very being – in those parts of us that are dark in sin, addiction, sorrow, pain, doubt, anger, and fear.  Darkness can feel so consuming.  Darkness can feel so alone.  Some strike out at others – like a hand flailing around reaching for help while claiming they are fearless.  But the reality is different.  Turn us towards your light.  Change us to be light in the world – to disperse the darkness with your Word and with love.  Amen.

Prayer for August 30

Prayer for August 30: Please pray with me. God of light, today we pray for those who feel lost in the darkness. It seems as though there is darkness all around us and we fear it. Some darkness is the type we see while other darkness is the type we feel. Yet, we know that darkness is nothing but the absence of light.  When you shine in our our lives, you vanquish the darkness and we can’t help but see. Prepare our eyes for the times that you come into our lives. Prepare our hearts that we may be open to seeing. Prepare our arms that we would let go of the darkness and embrace your light.  Amen.