Prayer for March 27

Prayer for March 27: Please pray with me. God who never gives up, today we pray for all those who have given up – given up on trying, given up on family, given up on a job, given up on hope, given up on relationships, given up life.  Send your Spirit to all who have given up, sit with them in their despair, send us to be with those who have given up – not to convince them to keep plugging away or pull themselves up by their bootstraps.  Rather, send us to be present, to listen, to offer a tender touch and a warm word, so that all who have given up know that they are not alone in the world, that they will not be alone, and they we will stay with them in their time of despair.  Amen.


Prayer for August 2

Prayer for August 2: Please pray with me. God of strength, today we pray for the strength to get through this week. So often we are run down and drained.  We feel the negative emotions of a world weighed down with grief and despair.  Give us strength to see this in others, accompany them, and show them that there is so much more in life than this.  Give us the strength to help others up out of the rut of life and into new life with you.  Amen.