Prayer for March 22

Prayer for March 22: Please pray with me. God of mission, you call on us to be your disciples.  You called the disciples in the bible by simply stating “follow me.”  And they did.  You didn’t say, “follow me when you have your act together,” or “follow me when you are ready,” or “follow me when you have learned the correct beliefs.” Rather, you said, “follow me.”  Following you is inconvenient and uncomfortable Lord.  And it should be.  Encountering you means that our lives are about to change.  Make us so uncomfortable and inconvenienced by poverty, war, shootings, violence, homelessness, human trafficking, prostitution, broken relationships, drugs, additions, pornography, corruption, narcissism, inflated egos, division, and greed that we are moved to act.  Move us to live out the grace, forgiveness, love, peace, and hope that you give us.  Let it spread from us to all the world.  Put us on mission so that your mission may spread and your kingdom may grow.  Amen.


Prayer for January 4

Prayer for January 4: Please pray with me. God who makes disciples, we are called to follow.  Boy, is that a scary proposition.  “But God, I want to be in control!” “But God, I know what’s best for me!”  “But God, what do you know about what’s best for me?”  “But God…” Yet, the amazing thing is that you stick with us.  You keep calling us.  You refuse to quit. Why have you chosen us – weak, fragile creatures prone to listen to the ego.  Yet you do as you have throughout the ages.  Long ago, you called Abram to leave his home and his kindred.  You called him to go to a “land that I will show you.”  You call on us to leave what is familiar to go to a “land that I will show you.” Give us the courage to follow.  Give us the weakness to stop fighting you.  Give us the strength for the journey ahead.  Give us ears that hear and eyes that see.  Give us faith that can respond in trust to your call.  Amen.