Prayer for April 9

Prayer for April 9: Please pray with me.  God of faith, you give us faith as a gift.  Help us to use this gift to advance your kingdom.  But so many of us will sit and wait though – we want a clear path and clear insight into what we are to do.  We want answers Lord.  Yet, you send people out without any answers more often than not.  Why?  Is it so that those you send will rely on you as opposed to their own insights?  Is it because that is a key ingredient of faith?  Is it so that we can experience what hope really means?  Send us Lord.  We have doubts and questions – and you welcome them.  We want to know – and you send us anyway.  Amen.

Prayer for April 4

Prayer for April 4:  Please pray with me.  God of faith, today we prayer for all who have questions and doubts.  May their inquisitiveness be a blessing to all and remind us that we are limited in our understanding of you.  Help us to embrace our questions and doubts and not to fear them.  Remind us that faith in you isn’t about having all the answers, but rather that we are engaged in a life-long journey of discovery – one in which we think we are searching for you, but in reality, it is you that continually pursues us.  Blessed are they that can ask why, that can be uncomfortable, that live in the unknown, yet believe anyway.  Amen.