Prayer for September 27

Prayer for September 27: Please pray with me. God of the church, today we pray that you would touch your church.  Remind us that your church is both family and community.  Remind us that these terms comes with strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities.  We ask that you would awaken your church to the possibilities you have in store for us.  Amen.

Prayer for February 17

Prayer for February 17: Please pray with me.  God of love, today we call on you to bless relationships.  Infuse love into marital relationships that they may shine your light of love on all the world.  Heal broken relationships that have damaged people. Strengthen the bond of families so that no one may be alone.  And let forgiveness roam throughout the earth.  Amen.

Prayer for December 29

Prayer for December 29: Please pray with me. On this fifth day of the Christmas season, We pray that you would open our ears to hear the Good News that was first declared to the shepherds in the fields – complete strangers to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus – yet the very people who God decided were a part of God’s family.  Open our ears to hear that in you there is no “us vs. them” – there is only us.  And us includes everyone – literally everyone.  Amen.

Prayer for November 24

Prayer for November 24: Please pray with me. God of thanksgiving, today we pray a simple pray mouthed in two words – Thank you.  Thank you for all that you have given us.  Thank you for our lives.  Thank you for the relationships – even when we struggle with them.  Thank you for our families.  Thank you for forgiveness.  Thank you for peace.  Thank you for mercy.  Thank you for grace.  Thank you for love.  Thank you for putting up with me and my hardheartedness and stubbornness.  Thank you for showing me the way.  Thank you.

Prayer for August 12

Prayer for August 12: Please pray with me. God of endings, today we pray for all those who are ending something significant in their lives.  We pray for seminary interns who are ending their time in congregations. We pray also for the congregations as they end their time with the seminary intern who has been with them.  We thank you for the blessings you have given both intern and congregation.  We thank you for being with the families of interns as they answer your call to serve the church.  Continue to give interns, their families, and congregations strength and courage to boldly follow you.  Amen.

Prayer for May 25

Prayer for May 25: Please pray with me. God of Resurrection, today we pray for resurrection and life.  We pray for families who have lost loved ones to death.  We pray that you walk with them in their time of sorrow, pain, questions, anger, and loss.  Death sucks. Help us to be with families during this time – not trying to make them feel better, but to be with them in their grief, to acknowledge it, to be uncomfortable in it so that they know they are not alone.  Lord, give them what they need to go through each day.  Amen.