Prayer for December 13

Prayer for December 13: Please pray with me.  In the words you taught us you tell us to forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.  What a difficult prayer Lord!  Forgive us as we forgive – do we really want that? How difficult is that?  It seems impossible Lord.  But our brother wronged us, we are justified in lashing out.  But our enemies hunt us down, we are justified in destroying them.  This is not an easy prayer Lord.  We’d rather be forgiven without having to change.  But you remind us that forgiveness is not just a one-way street.  We forgive because we have been turned from a way of violence, anger, retribution, and vengeance.  Forgive us Lord and turn us.  Give us the courage and power to forgive others who have wronged us first.  Give us the strength to be bold in forgiving, that we might know the joy of true forgiveness.  Amen.