Prayer for March 30

Prayer for March 30: Please pray with me.  Holy God, today we pray for Christians as they remember Good Friday – the day in which Jesus went through death for the sake of creation.  The day in which Jesus defeated Sin and Death, so that they would not have the final say.  We need to experience death in order to better appreciate resurrection.  This is what it means to deny oneself, pick up one’s cross and to follow Jesus.  It is Jesus getting in our face, making us uncomfortable and inconvenienced, and transforming us – now and in the future.  Give us the faith that we can respond in trust to this call.  Amen.

Prayer for April 14

Prayer for April 14: Please pray with me. On this Good Friday, we pray for all who are near death.  Accompany the dying as they take their last breaths.  Give them peace and assurance.  Be with the family and friends of those who are dying – be a comfort for them.  Be with those who will die alone – be present to them so they will not die in fear.  Amen.

Prayer for November 25

Prayer for November 25: Please pray with me.  Where do we start today Lord?  Yesterday in the US we said thank you, and today we say “get out of the way, it’s mine.  It’s on sale for a limited time.  I have to have it.” We think that our stuff will fulfill us, but we know it can’t.  We get caught up in the masses who clamor for more, yet there will never be enough.  Today is Black Friday – a day dedicated to savings.  But I wonder how many of us will recall another Friday, Good Friday, in which the savings were eternal and far more important.  Forgive us as we turn your birthday into a golden calf to worship.  Help us to see that you are the present that has come and will come again.  Help us to live our lives with the joy you give.  Amen.