Prayer for March 13

Prayer for March 13: Please pray with me. God of life, today we pray for those who are in the depths of death and hopelessness.  It’s easy to fall into this Lord – we are bombarded with false gospel messages that proclaim death as victorious.  Yet, you offer an alternative – a promise of hope and life.  A promise of forgiveness and transformation.  A promise that gives, rather than takes.  A promise that differs from what the world offers and demands.  The world proclaims that only the strong survive and you proclaim your preference for the poor and outcast.  The world proclaims a gospel that demands allegiance to the god of war, but you proclaim a Gospel of peace.  The world proclaims a gospel of us versus them, but you proclaim a Gospel that says that there is no them, that we are all yours.  It’s time for the false messages of this world to die and be forgotten – they are worthless.  Strengthen us to proclaim your Gospel to all around – to proclaim this message in our words, in our actions, in our relationships, in our social media posts, in our conversations.  Amen.


Prayer for September 1

Prayer for September 1: Please pray with me. God who is the Word, we pray that we would hear your word for what it is.  We pray that we would not try to twist it to make it into something that it is not.  Open our ears to hear the Law and Gospel that is present.  Open our ears also to hear when the Bible is used as a tool to divide and condemn.  Give us legs to run far away from this.  Open our hearts to hear your word and take it in and in so doing, change who we are.  Amen.

Prayer for March 13

Prayer for March 13: Please pray with me.  God of labor, today we pray for all who labor and toil.  We thank you for the ability to work.  We thank you for the vocation you call us to.  Bless our labors and remind us that we labor not just for money, but to fulfill our call in life – to live out the Gospel, to be a light to the world, to be an example of forgiveness in an unforgiving world, and to speak words of mercy, love, and peace to those who so desperately need to hear them.  Amen.