Prayer for June 5

Prayer for June 5: Please pray with me. Holy Spirit, light the fire of faith within us.  If need be, light a fire beneath us to get us moving and carrying out your will.  You have called us and changed us, help us to respond to your movement in our lives with movement to love and care for others.  Amen.


Prayer for August 5

Prayer for August 5: Please pray with me.  God of time, the months come and the seasons change, yet you remind us that you are the ever changeless eternal one.  As we move into the heat of August in the northern hemisphere, be with all those who seek cooling.  Cool our hearts that have been engulfed in a flame of hatred, division, anger over politics, religion, and other matters of life.  Melt our hearts and consume us in a the fire of your Holy Spirit – a fire that fills us with love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy.  Amen.