Prayer for November 15

Prayer for November 15: Please pray with me.  Sovereign God, today we pray that we would recognize that our hope and salvation resides in you, as it always has, and always will.  Forgive us when we willingly make people, nations, parties, policies, being right, and an assortment of other things into idols and place them above you.  Turn us away from these idols so that we can live what you call us to be and to do – to worship you and to love our neighbors.  Amen.


Prayer for September 13

Prayer for September 13: Please pray with me. Word of God, you come to us in unique ways – especially through language.  Open our eyes to the language we use when we communicate with you and with others.  As you work to soften our hearts, soften our language as well.  Move us away from language that separates and divides.  Shift our communication away from absolutes that creates an us and a them.  Open our ears to hear how we communicate the falsehood that our way is right and that everyone else had better get on board or else they are a part of the problem.  Instead, shape us to communicate something completely different – make us instruments of your peace, love, and hope.  Amen.

Prayer for July 20

Prayer for July 20: Please pray with me. God of all, today we pray for something that might seem impossible – at least by human standards.  We so desperately seek salvation – for ourselves, our family and friends, our communities, and our nation.  We look in places that promise to save us from all sorts of evil and from enemies and opponents.  We listen attentively to preachers of other gospels that promise that salvation will come when they have dispatched the “enemy.”  We attach ourselves to a side in a fight in the hope that the rhetoric will be true.  Yet, deep down, we know it is a lie and that the rhetoric is empty and that we will be disappointed yet again.  Turn us Lord to you – the only real source of and the embodiment of salvation.  The only one who’s words bring peace, forgiveness, love, and mercy.  Transform us to be instruments of your peace, forgiveness, love, and mercy.  Even, and especially, to those who are our enemies and to those who so desperately need to hear your message of hope.  Amen.

Prayer for June 21

Prayer for June 21: Please pray with me. God of hope, today we pray that you would give people vision to see what could be in this world.  A world where you come to dwell with creation to renew creation and all people with healing.  A world where your holy city has open gates and no walls and welcomes all in.  A world that lives in your light.  Help us to see that world around us as you transform the world and us.  Help us to live into that world and share the vision with those around us. Amen.

Prayer for May 24

Prayer for May 24: Please pray with me. Holy God, today we pray for discernment.  Help us to see clearly – to see clearly where there is fear, anger, and anxiety.  To see clearly where there is faith, hope, love, and calmness.  Help us to discern those who are in the grip of fear and anger and those who hold tightly to it.  Breath your love into them and release them from these shackles.  Make us peacemakers in a word of division and strife, fear and anger.  Let us be your hands that offer a gentle touch to all who need it.  Amen.

Prayer for May 17

Prayer for May 17: Please pray with me. Life changing God, today we pray that your message of grace, hope and love would blast through all walls, barriers, divisions, and limits that humanity has set up.  Touch the lives of those who so desperately need it. Move us to get up and get going to carry out your message and mission Lord, not waiting for someone else to do it.  You call us out of comfort to be comfort to others.  Give us the strength and courage to go and do what you first gave to us.  Amen.

Prayer for May 5

Prayer for May 5: Please pray with me. Patient God, today we ask for forgiveness.  Humanity does so many things in your name that we can only imagine would make you do a face palm.  Forgive us for our actions and words that cause division and strife, that separate us from one another and from you.  Give us eyes to see that humanity is more similar than different and that our divisions come from man-made lines and ideas.  Give us ears to hear the humanity around us and in distant lands.  Give us forgiving hearts that we may be the first to forgive instead of respond in kind when violence is done to us.  Give us patience to endure so that we do not let our hearts be troubled, but rather keep our hope in you.  Amen.