Prayer for February 7

Prayer for February 7: Please pray with me.  The One True God, we come before you and ask for mercy.  We ask for forgiveness.  All too often we set up and worship idols – false gods.  We substitute humans and human made things in your place.  But why?  Do we do it because we fear you?  Do we not believe you?  Do we not trust you?  Do we want to control you?  Why?  Forgive us when we set up idols – those things that we place high above you Lord.  Forgive us when we put anything ahead of you.  Turn us from this to worship and follow you.  These idols, like all idols, will never fill the hole within us.  They will never satisfy our longing.  They will never provide us the rest we need.  They will never give us the meaning and purpose that only you can provide.  They are ultimately empty and a waste.  Turn us toward you.  Turn us away from ourselves and our idols.  You are the only thing that matters.  Amen.


Prayer for October 6

Prayer for October 6: Please pray with me.  Holy God, you are the one true God.  Yet, so often we turn to idols – those things which we put our trust in.  But really, how ridiculous is that?  All of these things are human made and eventually will fade away.  All these things which we put our hope for the future will disappear and be forgotten.  Yet for some reason we think it makes sense to put our hope and faith in them.  That’s crazy Lord!  But it makes sense if we believe that history started when we were born and will end when we die.  Yet, deep down we know this is not true.  You cut across time and space well before we arrived and will be here well after we die.  And you offer us a promise of hope, a promise of resurrection in a renewed and restored world.  We’d be crazy not to trust this promise, Holy God.  You always keep your promises.  Open our hearts to embrace your promise of hope.  Amen.

Prayer for November 15

Prayer for November 15: Please pray with me.  Sovereign God, today we pray that we would recognize that our hope and salvation resides in you, as it always has, and always will.  Forgive us when we willingly make people, nations, parties, policies, being right, and an assortment of other things into idols and place them above you.  Turn us away from these idols so that we can live what you call us to be and to do – to worship you and to love our neighbors.  Amen.

Prayer for July 29

Prayer for July 29: Please pray with me. Holy God, today we pray that our eyes would be opened to seeing the idols we have created and rely upon us.  Forgive us for turning to these human made objects instead of to you.  Why do we put more faith in politicians, speeches, celebrities, money, sports, entertainment, sex, drugs, technology, patriotism, security, intelligence, and emotion than in you?  Why do we so fervently desire to be in control of these gods and want to be served by them?  None of these things can save us oh God.  Only you can. Open our hearts to take the leap of faith.  Strengthen us to take a blind step forward towards you, not knowing where that step will land, but knowing that regardless of the result, you will never abandon us.  Amen.