Prayer for January 9

Prayer for January 9: Please pray with me.  God who sends us to places, guide our steps.  You call us to ventures that we don’t know and can’t understand.  Yet, you see something and you send us.  You give us faith to follow you and call on us to respond in trust.  That’s a tall order though Lord. Especially for limited creatures who want to know the full story.  Yet, I think we would run away in terror if we knew the whole story – it would overwhelm us.  Give us what we need for the journey ahead – courage, strength, weakness, trust.  Help us pack our bags that we will be taking along the journey – fill them with essentials like peace, grace, humility, listening, and love.  Give us eye to see when those things we have taken with us need to be given away to other we meet on the journey.  Amen.


Prayer for July 7

Prayer for July 7: Please pray with me. God who sends us on journeys, today we pray for all who journey through life, who answer your call, and who seek you out. Help us to hear your small still voice in our lives, to discern your wisdom from the constant barrage of noise that is nothing more than a loud clanging bang. Move us away from our constant desire to be entertained and distracted in the urgent so that we can see the road ahead more clearly, that we can reach out a hand to our fellow travelers, and we can answer your call for our lives.  Amen.