Prayer for December 5

Prayer for December 5: Please pray with me. God of all – yes, even (or maybe especially) the hypocrite, today we ask for a special blessing.  We are all hypocrites at our core Lord. That is because we are all broken and see the world through our own brokenness.  We all see our way as the best way – the right way.  Yet, we don’t give those opposed to us a pass – that maybe they have a better way of going about things.  Forgive us in our judgements, our attacks on people, our character assassinations, our efforts to make our opponents into something less than human – into fools.  How foolish of us Lord!  Forgive us and in so doing, move us to forgive those around us.  Change our hearts and in so doing send us out to change hearts around us.  Open our eyes to see the humanity of our opponents and to realize that they come to their conclusions for very good reasons – not because they are interested in destroying the world.  Thank you for your patience with us Lord – we are slow to learn, yet you are quick to forgive.  It makes no sense, but we are eternally grateful for this irrational love that you are.  Amen.

Prayer for October 10

Prayer for October 10: Please pray with me. God of all time, today we pray a special prayer. We pray a prayer of forgiveness – forgive us for the times that we oppress others and see them as less than us.  We also pray that we would learn from the past instead of judging those who long ago died based on our modern standards.  We also pray that future generations would not judge our current generation too harshly – let them show us grace and mercy and learn from our mistakes so they will not make the same ones.  Amen.

Prayer for June 9

Prayer for June 9: Please pray with me. God who transforms and restores, today we ask for the strength to let your healing message of grace, love and forgiveness transform our lives in a radical way.  Break through the barriers that we create, the walls we put up, the defenses we claim.  Help us to know that this message is meant for each one of us because we all need it, desperately.  Help us to see that when we are judgemental, your message of grace is there for us.  Help us to see that when we desire to be right and correct others, your message of love is there for us.  Help us to see that when we act like Pharisees, you message of forgiveness is there for us.  Amen.