Prayer for July 7

Prayer for July 7: Please pray with me.  God of leadership, where do we begin?  Our culture seems to lack leadership – leadership that creates an environment where all can thrive, where there can be peace, where we pursue justice, where we are good stewards, where we treat others with respect.  Give leaders wisdom to know that leadership is best when it seeks the good for as many as possible.  Amen.

Prayer for April 4

Prayer for April 4: Please Pray with me. God of the oppressed, today we remember Martin Luther King, Jr, on the day of his assassination. Let his memory be a lamp on a hill to shine forth and testify to your saving power that will bring forth justice to all people.  Change our hearts and turn all away from violence.  And we pray for all who would oppress others, who cause harm to others, to take away others’ humanity, and who dehumanize others.  Help them to see that in doing these things to others, they also do them to themselves.  Amen.

Prayer for January 16

Prayer for January 16: Please pray with me. God of justice, today we pray that your mercy and justice would flow through our land. Help us to hear the words that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke – to judge each other by the contents of our character, not by the color of our skin.  Help all of us to see the humanity of each person, to hold a hand out – to either help their neighbor, or to be helped by a neighbor.  We are all in need of that help in some part of our life.  Bless all who work to reconcile differences and disparities.  Move us to to bend the arc of history toward reconciliation.  Amen.