Prayer for July 15

Prayer for July 15: Please pray with me. How long oh Lord? How long must our cries rise up to you?  How many people must be killed for who they are?  How many must be scapegoated?  How many must be our enemies?  Why must we insist in creating an us and a them?  Help me understand, oh Lord.  We see attacks and we want to respond in anger and with vengeance. We hear the scapegoating and we want to scream in frustration. But we are reminded, time and again, that responding in anger will only bring more anger and more violence.  We are reminded that frustration will only lead to giving up. Instead, Holy God, we pray that you make us an instrument of peace, today and every day.  That you make us an instrument of mercy, forgiveness, and healing.  Not just in word, but in action as well.  Give me the courage to be these things in a world that rejects them, but desperately needs them.  Amen.

Prayer for July 8

Prayer for July 8: Please pray with me. God who hears our mourning, today we pray for an end to all violence and brutality. We cry out to you “when will the violence end? When will the brutality end? When will the killings end?” We ask questions, we cry tears, we shout out in anger. We don’t understand. When will we get it – that violence can only birth more violence, brutality birth more brutality, killing birth more killing, anger birth more anger, justified violence only leads to more justified violence. Regardless of the color of skin of the victim, we cry out to you oh Lord “Make it stop. Stop the insanity.” Hear our cry oh Lord. Make me an instrument of your peace. You call us to be peacemakers, not waiting for someone else to start. Let us begin. Amen.