Prayer for November 7

Prayer for November 7: Please pray with me. God of the unexpected, today we pray that you take our expectations for your kingdom and you shake them to their core.  If we have become comfortable with the label of child of God, shake us out of our slumber.  If we fear the label, calm our fears.  Lord, we ask that you instill in us faith so that we can respond in trust – trust that what you say is true, trust that your kingdom is unfolding.  For too long we have held expectations about you and what you do in the world that are rather small.  Yet, you are the creator of everything.  Radically reorient our expectations Holy One to expect amazing things.  You are not the God of mediocrity, but rather the God of amazingness.  Encounter us, as you have encountered creation before, and raise our expectations high.  And in so raising our expectations, call us to go out to proclaim boldly your Good News and that you are alive and active – that you are renewing creation and restoring broken relationships.  May we expect to have our lives touched in amazing ways.  And in so doing, let us being your hands that touch others’ lives.  May we expect that your Word would be life for us.  And in so doing, use our mouths and our fingers to be your Word to a world infatuated with death and brokenness.  Do the unexpected God – be amazing.  Amen.

Prayer for October 19

Prayer for October 19: Please pray with me. Stewarding God, shape us into good stewards – those that care for your creation, those that steward the resources you give to each of us, those that are called to leadership.  Stewardship isn’t only about protecting what we have.  Instead, you call us to something more radical – taking what you give us and multiplying it for the glory of God’s kingdom.  That tells us that we need to not only preserve and conserve the resources your give us, but expand what you give us.  Open our eyes to see this is true not only for creation, but also our health, the finances of our worshiping communities, how we serve our neighbors, and more. Amen.

Prayer for March 15

Prayer for March 15: Please pray with me. Long ago, it was written for a certain leader to beware the Ides of March. And death came. Why oh Lord, do we strive for power – to obtain it, to keep it from others, to use it to the detriment of others. Hoarding power leads to fights and ultimately death. Forgive us when we seek power and our own kingdom as opposed to seeking your kingdom.  Amen.

Prayer for January 6

Prayer for January 6: Please pray with me.  God who manifests, today we thank you for the completion of this Christmas season.  We celebrate with the Magi at your coming into the world.  We look forward to seeing how we will be instruments of your will as you unfold your kingdom right before our eyes and in our lives. While the Magi presented gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, we have only ourselves to offer to you.  Use us as you see fit Lord to bring out your kingdom today.  Amen.

Prayer for December 15

Prayer for December 15: Please pray with me.  In your words, you teach us to pray that your kingdom will come and that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This seems like an easy prayer Lord, yet it is not.  Let your kingdom come and your will be done – that means it is not our kingdom or our will.  How difficult a prayer is this?  What are you asking us to actually pray?  Help us to see that we are not in control – you are.  Help us to hear the words that tell us that we pray to align ourselves with your will, not our own.  We have big plans Lord, or so we think.  Yet, your will is so much bigger and better.  Help us to be humble enough to set our will aside when we pray and recognize that we are instruments of your peace, hope, joy, mercy, and love.  Amen.

Prayer for December 8

Prayer for December 8: Please pray with me. God of the stressed, today we pray that you would get us through whatever stress we are experiencing.  The stress comes in many forms Lord – finals and papers, Christmas preparations, work, emptiness, fighting addictions, war, news, politics, talk of decline.  Yet, this is not what your kingdom is about.  You promise life abundantly, yet we wallow in lives of just surviving.  We hold on to the stress and keep ourselves sinking in it.  We tell ourselves we have to.  Help us to learn from this stress Lord, do not take it away.  Make us uncomfortable enough that we finally listen to you and recognize your turning us to something new.  Amen.

Prayer for November 29

Prayer for November 29: Please pray with me. God of hope, today we pray that we would recognize the hope that you give the world – not in the form of freedom to buy stuff, nor in the accumulation of items.  Open our eyes to see that the hope that you give is not in material things, but rather in a promise you give.  A promise that tells us that no matter how hopeless the world might seem, you are there, accompanying us as we go through life.  A promise that you will return and bring the fulfillment of your Kingdom.  Amen.

Prayer for November 17

Prayer for November 17: Please pray with me.  God of history, so often we mark time based on historical events that include war, death, and rulers of this world.  Yet, we know that all time belongs to you and your kingdom.  You see time differently – as a gift that you give us.  Help us to be good stewards of that gift as we live our call to be followers of you and serve our neighbors.  Amen.

Prayer for October 18

Prayer for October 18: Please pray with me. Incarnate God, today we pray that we would hear Jesus’s call to be persistent in prayer.  Let what we pray about matter so much that we, like the widow, get in your face with our petitions.  We aren’t crazy enough to think we have the answers God, so we aren’t demanding that you answer our petitions the way we want.  Instead, we ask that through prayer you transform us to be instruments of your kingdom and will.  And in so doing, send us out to be persistent in living out our call to love our neighbors, to be stewards of creation, to sound an alarm where there is injustice, and to seek to reconcile broken relationships.  Amen.