Prayer for October 5

Prayer for October 5: Please pray with me. God who is like a heart surgeon, today we ask for some major heart surgery.  Yes Lord, we need you to look at our hearts – they are faulty.  They lead us to believe that we are in control.  They lead us to believe that it’s ok to exclude and divide.  They lead us to believe that we are the exclusive holders of what is right.  Cut away all the things that harm our hearts, that make our hearts hard.  Use the surgeon’s knife to remove the pieces of our hearts that aren’t working the way you intend, and replace those parts with your will, mercy, love, and forgiveness.  Give us hearts that are on fire for you and lead us to care out your will for us.  Amen.


Prayer for November 2

Prayer for November 2: Please pray with me. God of time, today we pray that you would remind us how present you are in our lives throughout time.  You guided our steps in the past, you accompany us in the present, and you lead us forward to serve into the future.  Give us hearts that watch and keep time to your schedule.  Amen.