Prayer for December 19

Prayer for December 19: Please pray with me.  Holy One, you lead us in ways we often don’t expect.  Yet, your leadership is nothing like what our human leaders offer more often than not.  We lift up our leaders.  Give them wisdom.  Give them courage.  Many would pray that our leaders have the “right” beliefs and thoughts.  What good is being right theologically or ideologically if it causes harm people?  What good is it to be right and miss the humanity of those around us.  The world is not all black and white.  There is a great deal of grey because we are dealing with people and people are messy.  Give leaders hearts and heads that look out for the greater good, that recognize the most vulnerable among us, that seek to bring people together and not push them apart.  We especially pray for leaders that are narcissistic in their outlook.  Help them to be change. We also lift up all the followers of these leaders.  Help them to recognize their own blindness.  Help all who oppose such leaders – to hold them accountable, but to still recognize the humanity of these leaders.  We are all sinners and fall short.  Amen.


Prayer for December 4

Prayer for December 4: Please pray with me. God who leads, we pray for all those in leadership positions.  Help them to be a non-anxious presence.  Give them wisdom to guide the people and organizations they are entrusted to lead.  Stand in their way from causing harm or making matters worse.  Give them courage to do what is right and to bring people closer together, rather than to lead by dividing and separating.  And if these leaders will not, then do what you must to move them from causing harm.  Amen.

Prayer for October 19

Prayer for October 19: Please pray with me. Stewarding God, shape us into good stewards – those that care for your creation, those that steward the resources you give to each of us, those that are called to leadership.  Stewardship isn’t only about protecting what we have.  Instead, you call us to something more radical – taking what you give us and multiplying it for the glory of God’s kingdom.  That tells us that we need to not only preserve and conserve the resources your give us, but expand what you give us.  Open our eyes to see this is true not only for creation, but also our health, the finances of our worshiping communities, how we serve our neighbors, and more. Amen.

Prayer for September 15

Prayer for September 15: Please pray with me.  God of calmness, today we pray for our anxious-ridden society.  Instill in leaders a desire and the knowledge to create environments where people and societies can thrive.  If leaders are a cause of the anxiety, touch their hearts to change, or cause people to change who is in leadership roles.  Open our eyes to recognize anxiety in our society and systems.  Help us to be a calm presence for others.  Amen.

Prayer for July 7

Prayer for July 7: Please pray with me.  God of leadership, where do we begin?  Our culture seems to lack leadership – leadership that creates an environment where all can thrive, where there can be peace, where we pursue justice, where we are good stewards, where we treat others with respect.  Give leaders wisdom to know that leadership is best when it seeks the good for as many as possible.  Amen.

Prayer for October 13

Prayer for October 13: Please pray with me. God of wisdom, today we pray that you would rain down wisdom on people of all places. We pray that you would especially give wisdom to those who lead other people.  We also ask that the Spirit would move through those who select leaders as well.  Keep people from being swayed by raw emotion, heated rhetoric, pandering, fear, and other tools of manipulation.  Help us to see clearly who we are and who we are selecting for leadership positions.  And in seeing this, let us be humble enough to seek limits on the powers of those in charge so they may not be tempted abuse what is entrusted to them.  Amen.