Prayer for May 28

Prayer for May 28: Please pray with me. God of life, you offer us life and invite us to participate in new life.  There is great anger and fear in the world and oh how badly we feel we must respond in fear and anger.  But you have a different way.  Fear and anger only lead to death.  Your ways are not our ways Lord.  We can say this because so many refuse to even try your ways.  We tell ourselves we will try love, peace, mercy, and grace when we get our acts together, when we correct one more person, when “those” people stop screwing things up.  We put ourselves in the place of being the savior of the world.  But that is not our role.  You are the Savior of the world.  And you call us to live a new life.  A way of peace, mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  It is not an easy path in our world.  Yet, it is a path that gives us life.  Thank you for this path.  Redirect when we step off the path.  Let us be instruments of your peace, grace, mercy, and love.  Amen.

Prayer for March 2

Prayer for March 2: Please pray with me. God of life, you come to us to give us life.  Yet, often we reject this and you.  You love us so much that you give us the freedom to reject you.  You love us so much that were willing to be scapegoated – an ultimate scapegoat.  That is self-sacrifice.  That is love – selfless love.  We can’t comprehend this kind of love.  So often we love but with strings attached.  We forgive, but with conditions.  We advocate peace, but with exceptions.  We offer grace, but for a limited time.  Yet, you do all of this without the “buts.” Help us to be more like you God.  To give without expecting anything in return.  To give generously.  To give selflessly.  To give lovingly.  And forgive us when we fail each day as you know we will.  Forgive us so that we might be able to offer forgiveness in return to others.  Amen.

Prayer for February 16

Prayer for February 16: Please pray with me. God of life, today we pray that life may abound and thrive. We are surrounded by death – it comes at us in force and if we are honest, it comes because we invite it in.  Yet, this is not your intention for us.  Help us to let go of things that bring death – our worship of being right, our divisions that separate, our broken relationships, our violence, our demands and thirst for control.  You have a different intention Holy One.  You promise a time when you will dwell with us and death will be no more.  We wait in anticipation for that time.  Forgive us when we become obstacles to the fulfillment of your reign.  For we know not what we do.  Come Holy One. Fill our hearts with a burning desire for life for all.  Use us to create an environment where life can thrive and death is discarded.  Come Holy One.  Amen.

Prayer for November 8

Prayer for November 8: Please pray with me.  Omnipresent God, we come to you with so many questions and doubts.  And yet, you open your arms to us and listen.  How crazy is that?  You, the one who created the universe and everything in it, are willing to listen to a tiny speck of life who is here for just a fleeting moment in time.  Yet you do.  You listen to each one of us – with our questions, our doubts, our anger, our sorrow, and so much more.  We thank you for listening Holy One.  And for speaking words of life to us.  Help us to listen and respond to your Word.  Move us to respond in action to what you call us to. Amen.

Prayer for October 27

Prayer for October 27: Please pray with me. God who fixes things, be the great repairer of our lives.  So often we plan out so much, yet it doesn’t turn out the way we want it to.  So often, many say to you “I never expected life to go this way.” But also help us to see that it is not our plans that ultimately matter – rather it is your will and the unfolding of your kingdom that matters.  Open our hearts and align our wills with this unfolding.  Make us open to this – especially when it doesn’t look like what we planned, which happens to be most of the time.  Amen.

Prayer for October 23

Prayer for October 23: Please pray with me. God of creation, today we lift up all who feel as though they are living a lie.  So many people feel stuck and afraid.  Many feel alone and lost.  Many have been told that they are condemned because of who they are.  So many people have been thrown out and are outcasts because of who they are or what they have done.  They are filled with regret.  Yet, this is not what life is about. You offer the outcast Good News – that the outcast is also a child of God.  The each person is deeply loved by you God.  Yes, outcasts are sinners, just like every one of us.  Yes, outcasts are broken and have broken relationships – just like we all do.  But that is not the end of the story.  It’s just a fact of life.  Because of being sinners and because of being broken, we know how much we need you God.  We can’t do this alone.  We can’t even begin to start.  Send your Spirit to empower those who feel drained.  Send your Spirit to wipe clean those who feel that they are dirtied by living a lie.  Send your Spirit to bring dignity and humanity to those who feel less than human.  Send your Spirit, Lord.  And in so doing, send us also to be with the outcast and the broken.  Amen.

Prayer for September 6

Prayer for September 6: Please pray with me. God of life, today we pray for all those who are facing death.  Death sucks.  Yet, it is inevitable for all of us.  It is a part of what it means to be alive.  But we know that death does not have the final say – you do, oh Lord.  You have promised us resurrection and restoration.  And you never fail to keep your word.  In the moment of death, recall to our hearts and minds your words of assurance.  Comfort those who are left behind in their loss.  Give them the strength to take one day at a time and know they are not alone and their loved one is not forgotten.  Amen.

Prayer for August 15

Prayer for August 15: Please pray with me. God of purpose, today we pray for all who struggle with the meaning of their life.  We pray for all who feel nothing but an empty void.  We pray for all who are lost and directionless – living for the sake of existence.  Be with these people – accompany them in their life journey.  Let them know that they are not alone in life.  Amen.

Prayer for August 2

Prayer for August 2: Please pray with me. Holy God, you capture our attention in wild ways.  You don’t need click bait to turn us to you.  Instead, you come to us, invite us into something deeper, more nourishing, than any product ever could – thriving life.  you open your arms to embrace us, yet so often we are looking for the next big thing that will satisfy our curiosity and addictions.  Oh how we miss the mark Lord.  Whisper in our ear that you satisfy the hungry heart.  Help us to see that there is nothing else that can satisfy us except you.  Amen.

Prayer for May 1

Prayer for May 1: Please pray with me. God of the seasons, today feels like spring! As we begin a new month, radically reorient our lives to recognize the new life you provide in nature, in our own lives, and those around us.  Renew life in our churches and congregations and worshiping communities.  Help us to be open to seeing that new life may not look like what we are used to, but to knowing that only things that are alive change.  In giving us and our communities new life, help us to share that life with those around us and uplift the lives of those that desperately need new life.  Let us not just serve, but accompany.  Let us not only give, but also receive.  Amen.