Prayer for January 11

Prayer for January 11: Please pray with me. God who calls us and sends us out, we want to listen, but we don’t.  We want to answer your call, but in our own way.  Yet you have different plans for us.  You are in the business of changing lives, for creating miracles.  And you use us to do this.  Give us the courage to be your tools, to be your hands and feet, to be your voice and to share your words of grace, forgiveness, peace, and love to those that desperately need to hear it – and to those who don’t realize that they need it too.  Use us as the tools that bring about change in people’s lives.  And change us too.  This isn’t just about others encountering you and being changed.  It also for us.  Encounter us, change our lives so that we can bring you with us to other so they can encounter you as well and have their lives changed.  Amen.

Prayer for July 28

Prayer for July 28: Please pray with me. God of all creation, today we come to you asking that you preform a miracle. We ask that you fix our eyes so that we can see that there is no us vs. them – there is only us. Don’t change us in such a way so that we’re only being fooled into believing this when it isn’t so. Instead help us humans to see that while we see the world differently and have different beliefs about the world and you, we’re still all human.  We eat, we drink, we communicate, we have relationships, we raise families, we live.  This is common to all of humanity.  Please, please, please, we beg of you – change our hearts to be open to understanding this so we can live it out.  Amen.