Prayer for January 29

Prayer for January 29: Please pray with me.  God of the nations, we hear many chanting slogans about how their country is first and best and exceptional.  many get quite worked up about this too.  Yet, where is the attachment to your will and calling for us?  Where is the excitement and enthusiasm for the message of grace, hope, forgiveness, and love?  Have these things become too common place and boring?  I should hope not – our world is in desperate need of these things.  Instead of waving national flags, why aren’t we waving flags that send a different message?  What if our message was one of loving our enemies, being stewards of creation, welcoming the stranger among us, and more?  Calm the fears of those who only see the world in terms of winners and losers, us and them.  There is no them, there is only us – all of us.  Amen.


Prayer for July 4

Prayer for July 4: Please pray with me. God of the nations, today in the US we celebrate our political independence and freedom.  We thank you for this.  We also thank you for our spiritual freedom that only you can give.  Help us to see that we are free – free to serve you and our neighbors.  Amen.

Prayer for April 28

Prayer for April 28: Please pray with me. God of the nations, today we pray for peace. Help leaders to recognize that peace isn’t a destination – something to be obtained if the circumstances work out that way.  No, instead, help leaders and their people, to see that peace is a way of life, decision.  It is not an easy decision, nor any easy road to follow.  There will be plenty opportunities to put peace aside in favor of violence, war, division, revenge, and judgement.  Yet, help us to set those easy paths aside.  They all lead to the same result – death.  Give us the courage to choose peace.  Give leaders wisdom to choose peace for their people.  Radically reorient those who choose a more violent path so that swords may be beaten into ploughshares.  Amen.

Prayer for January 20

Prayer for January 20: Please pray with me. God of the nations, today we pray for the United States.  We pray for our new President and all new government officials.  We pray that our government officials would seek peace, listen to wisdom, and create an environment were all can thrive.  Remind us that no matter how powerful a government or leader may be, they are ultimately servants.  Remind our officials that no matter what their rank or authority, they are not our savior or salvation – only you are.  Open our eyes to see past the labels and identities we give ourselves – political party, nationality, etc. Instead, help us to see ourselves and others as you see us – Children of God.  Amen.

Prayer for September 16

Prayer for September 16: Please pray with me. God of the nations, today we ask for blessings for all nations.  We pray that you would give wisdom and discernment for all leaders of nations.  That they would work towards the promotion of peace, look out for the needs of those on the margins of society, and empower the people under their rule to live into their full potential.  We also pray that we would be persistent in praying for our elected officials in our own countries, regardless of how we feel about them.  Help us to see that when we pray for someone, we start to see them differently.  Amen.

Prayer for June 24

Prayer for June 24: Please pray with me. God of all nations, help us to turn to you as the savior of our nations and our world. Help us to discern words that divide people by race, nationality, language, religion for what they are. Help us to hear your words – words that tell us that you created the world and all in it, and that it is good.  Words that tell us that you became incarnate in the world because you love the world, creation and all people so very much.  Help us live out those words in our lives and to speak those words to those around us.  Amen.