Prayer for March 26

Prayer for March 26: Please pray with me. God of nature, speak to us.  We go in search of you in all sorts of places, thinking that you are somewhere in remote places away from everyone else.  You are there, but you are also in our midst in the chaos and pain of life.  But how often do we miss those times?  We thank you for the opportunities to break away to hear you clearly so that we can go back into our “normal.”  You show up in our normal.  Help us to see you and hear you.  Amen.


Prayer for March 14

Prayer for March 14: Please pray with me. God of creation, we are reminded yet again that we are not in control of your creation.  Rather we are stewards of it.  Yet, even as stewards, we don’t control it.  Creation is yours.  You call on us to care for it.  Help us do that.  We also ask that you protect all those who suffer from nature and its wrath in the form of blizzards.  Be with all those who must work in the midst of the storm – emergency personnel, electrical line workers, police, firefighters, those who treat and clear the roads, news organizations and so many more – we ask that you keep them safe.  Amen.

Prayer for September 1

Prayer for September 1: Please pray with me. God of the seasons, today we ask for your blessings as we enter a new season – fall.  The calendar may not say fall, but Lord we know that when September comes, it is fall.  The temperatures will drop, our busy schedules pick up, we see a change in the colors of nature begin to happen.  As we enter this new season, change our hearts as you change nature.  Soften our hearts to care for those in need, give us caring hearts.  Ease our ears that we may hear the concerns of those that we classify as our enemy.  Feed us with your word and meal so that we may feed others with true food – your love, peace, joy, and kindness.  Amen.