Prayer for December 1

Prayer for December 1: Please pray with me. God who doesn’t forget, today we pray for all those who are plagued with memories that haunt them – memories of abuse, of loss, of pain, of suffering, of insult, of demeaning, of dehumanization, of fights, of war.  Memories are a part of who we are Lord, and they remind us that we aren’t perfect, and neither are others.  Help us to turn our painful memories into something useful – something that would help us to answer our call to serve, to comfort, to accompany others in their pain and suffering.  Amen.

Prayer for September 8

Prayer for September 8: Please pray with me. God who fixes things, oh how badly we just want you to fix everything and make it all right God.  Oh how we think we know better than you when it comes to seeing how messed up things are.  Oh how limited our vision is.  Today we ask for eyes that might see you in the hiddenness of creation, in the messes, in the chaos, in the pain and suffering.  Make us instruments of your mission to restore all of creation and humanity into a right relationship with you God.  Amen.