Prayer for October 11

Prayer for October 11: Please pray with me.  God who keeps on surprising us, help us today to see the world and all peoples in the way you see people.  Just for a glimpse.  I imagine it would be so shocking, as to blow our mind away.  Where we see differences and divisions, anger and hatred, ideologies and beliefs – I can only imagine how you see people.  I’m willing to bet that the only words that come close would be “Child of God.”  Open our eyes to see others, all people, including our enemies, as a Child of God.  And in so seeing others this way, soften our hearts to treat others as is they are children of God – regardless of the cost.  Amen.


Prayer for September 28

Prayer for September 28: Please pray with me.  God of truth, we pray for those who would make statements and assertions.  We pray that they would consider the words they use – that they be oriented towards truth, but not at the cost of pushing people away.  Help us to give up the sin of certainty once and for all.  Instead, let us show the same compassion for others that you have shown for us in our brokenness.  Amen.

Prayer for August 29

Prayer for August 29: Please pray with me.  God who is, today we pray for wisdom.  Give us insight to be able to tell others about you.  Not is ways that push people away.  Rather in ways that share how you change people’s lives.  It is in sharing this good news with others that conversations open up, relationships are built, and there is thriving life around us.  Make us instruments of your peace and builders of community.  Amen.

Prayer for August 24

Prayer for August 24: Please pray with me. God who made us, today we pray that we would open our hearts to something new – a new way of seeing people.  Help us to move past just looking at people exterior but seeing people as you see them.  Help us to move away from judging, objectifying, and worse.  Move us instead to seeing the beauty you instill in all people.  Sometimes that beauty gets eclipsed by the darkness of sin.  Let us be willing to forgive and walk with people.  Help us to seek forgiveness when we have been the one who is in the wrong.  Radically reorient us to be your children God. Amen.

Prayer for August 23

Prayer for August 23: Please pray with me. God of creation, today we pray for all people – we pray that you would once again encounter us and impact our lives in ways that we respond by radically reorienting ourselves to you.  If sin is the turning inward towards oneself, turn us outwards to the needs of others and to be a light for so many lost in the darkness of an anxious and fearful world.  Amen.

Prayer for July 21

Prayer for July 21: Please pray with me. Infinite God who never ends, today we pray for all in need – need of resources, need of health, need of food and water, need of medication, need of company, need of work, need of relationship, need of repair, need of money, need of cool, need of warmth, need of shelter.  There are so many needs Lord – sometimes it feels so overwhelming and exhausting.  Provide for those in need.  Give courage and strength to those to can provide so they don’t wear out.  Help us to use the resources you have entrusted us with for your glory and to assist those in need.  Amen.