Prayer for September 26

Prayer for September 26: Please pray with me.  God of prosperity and poverty, today we pray all of your children, both rich and poor.  The world has it’s definition of success and wealth.  The world attaches material things to these terms.  You however see success and wealth differently.  The material things aren’t bad, but they are a tool to bring about your will for this world.  Help us to use what you have entrusted us to be a part of your will.  Amen.


Prayer for September 12

Prayer for September 12: Please pray with me. God of the poor, today we pray for the poor and those in poverty – end their suffering.  We also pray for those who work to end poverty – strengthen them.  Help us to see a new way to dealing with poverty – by actually empowering people, tapping into their value as people, treating people as people, and expecting that life will improve.  Help us to see that when you encounter people, their lives are changed.  Help us to be a conduit for that to happen.  Amen.

Prayer for September 7

Prayer for September 7: Please pray with me.  God of many riches, today we pray for those in poverty.  Be with them and walk with them.  Radically reorient us to see the needs of the poor.  But also help us to see the person, not just the material needs Lord.  Poverty is more than just material lack – it affects many parts of a person – the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.  When we only try to alleviate poverty through material means, we aren’t even touching on half of the challenge Lord.  Help us to stop just throwing money at the problem, but rather to throw love and care at a person, to build a lasting relationship with those in poverty, to empower people to make decisions, and to walk with people on their journey from poverty to thriving life.  Amen.

Prayer for August 9

Prayer for August 9: Please pray with me.  God of the poor, you tell us that the poor we will always have with us, yet that doesn’t mean you excuse poverty.  You call on us to love and care for the poor – even to serve the poor.  We feel good about serving the poor Lord, but do we take this too far?  Keep us vigilant in serving the poor – in ways that actually help the poor, ways that tap into the value of the individual, in ways that encourage and empower, in ways that build relationships, in ways that we might not even imagine.  Don’t just let us write a check to an agency that works with the poor so that our hands don’t have to get dirty.  Push us to be uncomfortable enough to not only serve the poor, but to befriend the poor and in so doing, to humanize and lift up our fellow human beings.  Amen.