Prayer for February 20

Prayer for February 20: Please pray with me. God of wisdom, today we thank you for crazy sounding things that you tell us in your Gospel.  They sound crazy to the world – things like love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.  Yet, we know that humanity’s history is full of insanity – people killing each over time and time again and expecting a different result.  Who’s the crazy one?  Seems like we are.  Give us the courage to do what the world thinks is crazy – to love our enemies.  Amen.


Prayer for February 8

Prayer for February 8: Please pray with me. Holy God, today we pray for all who are praying. We thank you that you have given us a way to approach you in such a personal way – to share our worried and concerns, our hopes and dreams, our desires and rants.  We thank you that you are a God who is secure enough to handle our doubts and fears and anger directed at you.  Thank you for the blessing of prayer and how it changes us and our lives.  Amen.