Prayer for October 24

Prayer for October 24: Please pray with me. Eternal Word, we pray that you would speak words of mercy and understanding through each one of us.  Speak words of forgiveness when we screw up.  Speak words of compassion when there is confusion.  Speak words of dignity when we feel we have had our humanity taken away from us.  Speak words of reconciliation when we are caught in division.  Amen.

Prayer for June 9

Prayer for June 9: Please pray with me. Word of God, today we pray for those in conflict. Let your Word infiltrate conflict in this world.  Let your Word become present where there is conflict.  Let your will be known in the conflict.  And help those in conflict to move towards reconciliation and forgiveness.  Amen.

Prayer for February 16

Prayer for February 16: Please pray with me.  God who proclaims Good News, give us ears to hear.  You proclaim Good News to the poor, the weak, the outcast, the marginalized.  This is also good news to the privileged, the wealthy, the powerful, and the strong.  It is news that tells us that the world is being turned right-side-up as you reconcile all of creation back to you.  Make us instruments of this reconciliation.  Amen.

Prayer for February 6

Prayer for February 6: Please pray with me. Word Incarnate, you are the Word of God who became flesh.  We have a tendency to use words in ways we shouldn’t.  Too often we use words to harm, hurt, divide, instill fear, and to control others.  Turn us from these practices to you.  Instill in us the wisdom to use words to bring healing, reconciliation, blessing, and peace.  Amen.

Prayer for January 16

Prayer for January 16: Please pray with me. God of justice, today we pray that your mercy and justice would flow through our land. Help us to hear the words that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke – to judge each other by the contents of our character, not by the color of our skin.  Help all of us to see the humanity of each person, to hold a hand out – to either help their neighbor, or to be helped by a neighbor.  We are all in need of that help in some part of our life.  Bless all who work to reconcile differences and disparities.  Move us to to bend the arc of history toward reconciliation.  Amen.

Prayer for November 23

Prayer for November 23: Please pray with me. Reconciling God, today we pray a difficult prayer.  We pray for our enemies.  We don’t pray for their defeat and destruction.  Rather we pray that there would be a change of heart – for both them and us.  Help them and us to see the humanity of each other.  Help them and us to see that violence and anger and division lead to death.  You have a different way Lord, a difficult way.  Make both them and us unsatisfied in our judgements of each other.  Turn us from seeking out what is the worst for one another.  Help us to see that our most serious enemy is not anyone out there, no them at all, but rather, the enemy within that wants to claim control over our lives.  Help us to see that our real enemy is the sin, the broken relationship with God and with others, the smug attitudes we cling to, the desire to be right no matter the cost, the excessive pride, the destructive envy, the lust for power and attention.  Teach us to follow your example – to love our enemies in a most vulnerable way.  Amen.

Prayer for October 18

Prayer for October 18: Please pray with me. Incarnate God, today we pray that we would hear Jesus’s call to be persistent in prayer.  Let what we pray about matter so much that we, like the widow, get in your face with our petitions.  We aren’t crazy enough to think we have the answers God, so we aren’t demanding that you answer our petitions the way we want.  Instead, we ask that through prayer you transform us to be instruments of your kingdom and will.  And in so doing, send us out to be persistent in living out our call to love our neighbors, to be stewards of creation, to sound an alarm where there is injustice, and to seek to reconcile broken relationships.  Amen.

Prayer for September 20

Prayer for September 20: Please pray with me. Reconciling God, today we pray that all broken relationships be reconciled in and by you.  Help us to recognize that the broken relationships in our world are the cause of so much pain, sorrow, anger, and division.  Our broken relationship with you, with others around us, and with your creation.  We have broken relationships with ourselves too that we would rather not address.  Shine your light on all of these that we hide away in darkness out of fear.  Renew, restore, and enliven all relationships.  Amen.

Prayer for June 23

Prayer for June 23: Please pray with me. Word of God, you are a God who communicates a healing and creative word to creation. Speak your word through us to bring people together, to offer healing words, to bring grace, forgiveness, and peace.  Help us to speak words that move us away from seeing the world as us vs. them to recognizing that there is only us. We pray that our elected leaders will use words of reconciliation to mend and heal.  Amen.