Prayer for October 31

Prayer for October 31: Please pray with me. Reforming God, today we ask that you continue to reform your church. You aren’t done with us yet Lord, we know this.  You aren’t even close.  Your kingdom is still unfolding.  Help us to see how you invite us to participate in that unfolding in your world.  Reform our hearts as well God.  They need radical reformation – away from sin and death to new life in you.  Reform our minds away from the idolatry of being right to being open to explore ideas with openness as we move closer to your truth.  Reform our relationships to see the humanity of those around us and especially of those we disagree with or consider our enemies.  Reform our words so that they convey Good News of grace, mercy, peace, and justice – away from words of violence, division, hatred, and death.  Reform our lives.  They are in your hands Lord.  Use us to carry out the continuing work of Reformation that is needed today.  Amen.

Prayer for October 27

Prayer for October 27: Please pray with me.  God who doesn’t settle, today we pray a bold prayer.  You come before us, always reforming and making things new.  You make us uncomfortable in what you call us to be and do.  Help us to have eyes that are able to see the contrast that exists – are we in coffins or in flowerbeds?  You call us out of the coffins in our life – the things that keep us static, desiring unnecessary safety, and pointed towards death.  Instead you call us to be in flowerbeds – life that is beautiful, growing, changing, fertilized in the messy dirt of life, and interacting with those you love but society calls dangerous, ugly, and unwanted.  Toil in the flowerbeds of our life Lord so that we may be your fruit that feeds those around us with food, life, and your grace.  Amen.