Prayer for December 11

Prayer for December 11: Please pray with me.  God of the lost, today we pray for all who feel lost.  We pray for all those who are confused.  We pray for all who feel the world is upside down.  You tell us that our salvation is in you, yet so many of your followers dismiss this in favor of putting their salvation in so many other things – politicians, political parties, nations, weapons, ideologies, work, exercise, drugs, alcohol, sex, entertainment, and more.  How long oh Lord?  Why does this persist?  What is it about humanity and our stubbornness in rejecting you?  Why do we reject what you tell us – what you promise us?  What could we possibly replace you and all that you offer with?  something human-made?  A mere mortal?  All these things will fade away with a whimper or worse – a wail of regret.  Yet, so many put their hope in what is mere dust.  Where does our allegiance lie, Oh Lord?  Our allegiance is in you.  Yet, that seems so hard for so many – even those that call themselves your followers.  Help us to look past this Holy One.  Do not let us become disheartened.  Where else could we possibly go?  You have the words of eternal life.  Thanks be to God.  Amen.

Prayer for February 13

Prayer for February 13: Please pray with me.  God who saves, our prayer today is simple, yet apparently so difficult to remember, believe, and follow.  You are the only one who can save us – not any politician, leader, policy, or political party – it’s not even close.  Yet so many put their faith and trust in these things over faith and trust in you.  Why?  What do we hope to achieve with this?  Glory, power, being remembered, greatness, wealth, longer life?  These are all laughable compared to your love which endures forever beyond the control of any human ruler.  You humble the proud and powerful and bless those who the world curses.  Remind us of which side of the equation you call us to be on.  Amen.

Prayer for January 24

Prayer for January 24: Please pray with me. God of persistence, today we pray for all who feel that all is lost and hopeless. It’s easy to fall into this way of feeling Lord – the world around us is lost and hopeless.  The world offers us empty promises and temporary satisfaction.  Only you can fill the hole within us to make us whole.  Only you are our hope and salvation.  Only in you are we found.  Amen.

Prayer for January 20

Prayer for January 20: Please pray with me. God of the nations, today we pray for the United States.  We pray for our new President and all new government officials.  We pray that our government officials would seek peace, listen to wisdom, and create an environment were all can thrive.  Remind us that no matter how powerful a government or leader may be, they are ultimately servants.  Remind our officials that no matter what their rank or authority, they are not our savior or salvation – only you are.  Open our eyes to see past the labels and identities we give ourselves – political party, nationality, etc. Instead, help us to see ourselves and others as you see us – Children of God.  Amen.

Prayer for November 15

Prayer for November 15: Please pray with me.  Sovereign God, today we pray that we would recognize that our hope and salvation resides in you, as it always has, and always will.  Forgive us when we willingly make people, nations, parties, policies, being right, and an assortment of other things into idols and place them above you.  Turn us away from these idols so that we can live what you call us to be and to do – to worship you and to love our neighbors.  Amen.

Prayer for November 7

Prayer for November 7: Please pray with me. God who rules over creation, today we pray a prayer of calmness. There is much anxiety in the air Lord. Yet, you remind us that worrying will not add a single moment to our lives.  That is because our salvation is in you – and no where else.  Regardless of what may happen in an election, your kingdom will reign and never end.  Because of this, we know that we can rest peacefully because we rest in you.  Amen.

Prayer for September 27

Prayer for September 27: Please pray with me. Holy God, today we come before in the aftermath of a political debate. People are divided, feeling lost, looking for direction and vision.  We know that only you are our salvation Lord, that no human can ever be salvation for a nation or anyone else.  Help us to see this when it comes to our politics.  Amen.

Prayer for July 20

Prayer for July 20: Please pray with me. God of all, today we pray for something that might seem impossible – at least by human standards.  We so desperately seek salvation – for ourselves, our family and friends, our communities, and our nation.  We look in places that promise to save us from all sorts of evil and from enemies and opponents.  We listen attentively to preachers of other gospels that promise that salvation will come when they have dispatched the “enemy.”  We attach ourselves to a side in a fight in the hope that the rhetoric will be true.  Yet, deep down, we know it is a lie and that the rhetoric is empty and that we will be disappointed yet again.  Turn us Lord to you – the only real source of and the embodiment of salvation.  The only one who’s words bring peace, forgiveness, love, and mercy.  Transform us to be instruments of your peace, forgiveness, love, and mercy.  Even, and especially, to those who are our enemies and to those who so desperately need to hear your message of hope.  Amen.