Prayer for November 11

Prayer for November 11: Please pray with me. God of service, we pray a prayer of thanksgiving for all veterans – those who have served their country.  You call on us to live out our vocations fully as a way to be your presence to the world and those around us.  This can even be done by those that serve in the military.  We also pray that your Spirit would blow through the world to make wars and division cease so that other men and women will not have to risk their lives to keep others safe.  Amen.

Prayer for July 22

Prayer for July 22: Please pray with me. Holy God, today we pray that we would feel your presence in our lives.  So often we are given conditions – that we will only be happy if we buy a product. That we will only be safe if we vote a certain way. That we will only be fulfilled if we marry the “right” person as others seem to think. That we will only reach our potential when we have the “right” job. That we will only be this or that when…  Others continue to tell us that if we do this, then God will do that.  We thank you God that you do not offer an if/then.  Instead remind us that you live by a because/we can.  Because God has done this for us and for creation, we can go and do for others.  Because God loves us, we can go and love the unlovable of society.  Because God has saved us, we can go and serve others in gratitude.  Because God has made us perfectly, we can go and touch others’ lives with our God given talents in ways that convey God’s love to them as well.  Amen.

Prayer for April 27

Prayer for April 27: Please pray with me. God who calls us and sends us, today we pray for your church. Call up leaders who will work to build the Kingdom of God, not just personal kingdoms of church.  We pray that church members would be disciples and not just members of another organization.  We pray that all Christians would follow your call to go out of the church building to make disciples, spread your word, and serve those in need leaving division and judgement behind to wither and die. Amen.