Prayer for April 21

Prayer for April 21. Please pray with me. On this Easter Friday we pray for all students as they approach the end of their semesters.  It’s crunch time Lord.  Help them to complete all their papers, assignments, projects, and exams. Help them keep their eye on the finish line knowing that their studies don’t really end, but rather, they change.  When formal education ends, the education of life continues.  Walk with all students in their stress, late nights, piles of assignments and papers.  Be with all family members and friends of students as they continue to encourage the students in their lives.  Amen.


Prayer for November 28

Prayer for November 28: Please pray with me. God patience, as we begin this new season of Advent, we pray that you would give us patience to endure all that is before us during the next month.  We pray for students who are finishing up the semester with so many tests, papers, and projects.  We pray for parents who are overwhelmed with work and gift buying and decorating.  We pray for grandparents who wait patiently to see their families.  We also pray for those who struggle for this season – who recall the loss of loved ones, who are affected by the limited light, who struggle with depression.  This is a mixed time of the year Lord – yet we are all told to put on a happy face.  Be with us as we wait patiently for the busyness to subside so that we can experience the real gift at the end of this season – your coming in the world and our lives.  Amen.

Prayer for August 29

Prayer for August 29: Please pray with me. God of truth, today we pray for all students. Put them in environments where they can learn, where they can grow, where they can answer your call to be who they are meant to be.  Bless all students, teachers, administrators, cooks, janitors, drivers, parents, guards, and those who support the school system in any way.  We thank you for the opportunity and the capacity to learn.  Amen.

Prayer for April 12

Prayer for April 12:  Please pray with me. God of wisdom, today we pray for students.  Guide them in their learning – not just to learn facts and figures and data, but to gain knowledge and wisdom.  Please be with all students as they take tests – that regardless of whether we support the tests being taken or not – our students know that we care deeply about them, support them, and love them.  Keep them calm, composed and focused, but also create opportunities, even in spite of the efforts of those in charge, where students can be still be children, can have fun and can run freely for a time.  God, we especially ask today that all people are reminded that learning should be fun and interesting, not boring.  Amen.