Prayer for April 18

Prayer for April 18:  Please pray with me. God of creation, today we pray for those who are paying taxes in the US. You once said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to render unto God that which is God’s.  Help taxpayers today to pay their taxes all the while paying attention to your words for their lives.  While we complain about talk and complain about the taxes we pay, focus our attention to be more upset that homelessness, poverty, hunger and other injustices are still a reality in this world.  Direct us away from complaining and stir us to action because of your work in our lives.  Amen.

Prayer for April 15

Prayer for April 15: Please pray with me. God of Sabbath, today we pray for tax accountants and tax preparers. These individuals have worked long and hard since the beginning of the calendar year.  Give them strength through these last days before the filing deadline to get the job done.  And once the deadline passes, give them rest for a job well done for their clients.  Amen.