Prayer for March 7

Prayer for March 7. Please pray with me. Sin is popular, even if we don’t like to talk about it. It is popular because it is so tempting – so good looking and feeling – so very appealing. And we fall for it.  Time and time again. Give us strength to face these temptations.  Better yet, take our place Lord when temptation gets in our face and messes with our lives.  If we have to deal with it on our own, we’re screwed.  Thank you Lord for delivering us from temptation and evil.  Amen.


Prayer for December 16

Prayer for December 16: Please pray with me. In your words, you teach us to pray that you would not lead us into temptation and that you will deliver us from evil.  Wow.  How many times have we been led into temptation?  How many time have we fallen?  Save us from these temptations Lord – things that break our relationship with you and with others.  Save us from the evil that is around us and use us as your hands and feet to save others from falling into temptation as well.  Amen.