Prayer for November 10

Prayer for November 10: Please pray with me. Triune God who only knows unity in being, today we pray that your Spirit would breath new life into this people – a reconciling breath that will restore broken relationships.  This is what salvation is all about God and we need it desperately as we move forward.  Transform our nation to live under your banner and to carry out your platform of hope as Jesus expressed it in the Beatitudes.  Amen.

Prayer for September 14

Prayer for September 14: Please pray with me. God of all creation, today we come to you to ask that you radically transform us.  We boldly ask that you shift our understanding. Help us to stop fighting over power, or even just shifting power from one group to another.  Help us to recognize that this is the story of humanity – a flawed story that never ends up well for anyone.  Open our eyes and hearts to seeing that what you are doing is radically different – implementing a completely different society – one where the fight for power isn’t the focus.  Make us instruments of your word of hope for a hopeless world.  Amen.

Prayer for June 9

Prayer for June 9: Please pray with me. God who transforms and restores, today we ask for the strength to let your healing message of grace, love and forgiveness transform our lives in a radical way.  Break through the barriers that we create, the walls we put up, the defenses we claim.  Help us to know that this message is meant for each one of us because we all need it, desperately.  Help us to see that when we are judgemental, your message of grace is there for us.  Help us to see that when we desire to be right and correct others, your message of love is there for us.  Help us to see that when we act like Pharisees, you message of forgiveness is there for us.  Amen.