Prayer for April 6

Prayer for April 6: Please pray with me. God of travelers, guide the path of the traveler.  But also help us to see that we are all travelers – we are on the journey of faith in our lives and in the journey of life in faith.  Your Word is a map for us to follow.  You put people along the path to be guides and companions on the journey.  You give us times of respite when we need it.  We come across people who are with us on our journey for a time and then go.  You offer us hostels to stay for a period of time – places that we call churches.  Some us stay at a hostel for longer than others.  But eventually our journey ends and our long-awaited sleep begins.  We will sleep soundly until the dawn of the new day when you return and wake us from our sleep to the resurrection and a renewed, restored, and transformed world and life.  We look forward to this time.  Amen.

Prayer for June 1

Prayer for June 1: Please pray with me.  God who travels great lengths to be with God’s people, today we pray for all who travel, regardless of the reason.  Give them safety in their travels, whether those travels are from one point to another, or those travels take on a more symbolic nature – as one travels in their understanding of you Lord and what you call each of us to.  Amen.

Prayer for March 23

Prayer for March 23: Please pray with me. Today we pray for immigrants and refugees – guide them to safety and a place to call home where they can raise their families, work, and be in community with those around them in peace.  Help us recognize that on a certain level we are all moving from one place to another – sometimes out of fear, sometimes for adventure, sometimes for work, sometimes for love – bur regardless of the reason, turn us and stop us on our journey of life to see you pointing the direction for where we are headed.  Amen.

Prayer for July 7

Prayer for July 7: Please pray with me. God who sends us on journeys, today we pray for all who journey through life, who answer your call, and who seek you out. Help us to hear your small still voice in our lives, to discern your wisdom from the constant barrage of noise that is nothing more than a loud clanging bang. Move us away from our constant desire to be entertained and distracted in the urgent so that we can see the road ahead more clearly, that we can reach out a hand to our fellow travelers, and we can answer your call for our lives.  Amen.

Prayer for April 25

Prayer for April 25: Please pray with me. God who travels, today we pray for all travelers.  We remember that in Jesus, you traveled by foot all around Palestine to share good news to all who had ears to hear.  You provided Jesus a place to sleep at night during these travels.  Be with all travelers today.  Give them rest from the exhaustion of travel, joy in the discovery of a new place and culture, and a place to sleep.  Let their journeys be good news to all who they meet.  Amen.