Prayer for April 23

Prayer for April 23: Please pray with me. Holy One, you come to us in many ways – often in ways we don’t recognize.  Open our eyes, our hearts, and our ears to you as you show up in our lives.  Open us to hear your truth – that you call us to live out the truth, not use the truth as a weapon to beat others into submission.  You call us to live out the truth with love.  You call us to action.  Few have ever been convinced by mere argument.  But many more have changed because they were first seen as fellow human travelers on this journey of life.  Help us to get to know people – their names and their stories.  Help up to open our hearts to these people.  Amen.


Prayer for September 28

Prayer for September 28: Please pray with me.  God of truth, we pray for those who would make statements and assertions.  We pray that they would consider the words they use – that they be oriented towards truth, but not at the cost of pushing people away.  Help us to give up the sin of certainty once and for all.  Instead, let us show the same compassion for others that you have shown for us in our brokenness.  Amen.

Prayer for August 4

Prayer for August 4: Please pray with me. God of Truth, clear the blinders from our eyes.  Make us the blind man whom Jesus restored sight to.  Help us to see that we are not the ultimate arbiters of truth – only you are.  Move us away, far away, from our preferred binary beliefs that pit people against one another, that create the “good” and the “bad” people.  Push us far away from cornering people into either/or decisions.  Deep down we know that life is messy and full of gray.  That doesn’t mean that anything goes.  It means we are dealing with the reality of humanity.  And help us in our unbelief of thinking that our faith is based on what we believe.  If that is so, then our faith is pretty shaky and nothing more than a house of cards that is ready to cave in at any moment.  Open our hearts to live into trust in you, not knowing what the future holds, but knowing that you walk along side us as we journey forth.  Amen.

Prayer for November 18

Prayer for November 18: Please pray with me. Triune God, today we pray that you might unite us.  We aren’t looking for some kind of happy, happy, joy, joy, ignoring the challenges and division we face kind of unity Lord.  That’s just sugar coating what we face.  Turn us to face the truth that exists – that we separate each other, we divide ourselves, we fight one another.  We do these things for a variety of reasons, but in reality, it comes down to this – we have pushed you away along with others.  Turn us Lord to see you in those around us.  And in so doing, may we see what unites us all here on earth – that we are a part of your creation.  It is a vast creation with so many uniquenesses and differences, yet at the core, it is all yours.  Amen.

Prayer for November 1

Prayer for November 1: Please pray with me.  God of truth, today we pray that your truth would surge through us – the truth that you love us and all of creation.  The truth that we are incapable of saving ourselves, yet you have taken care of that and love us in spite of our best efforts.  The truth that we are broken, and yet you transform us so that we can be your hands and feet to those around us.  Amen.

Prayer for August 29

Prayer for August 29: Please pray with me. God of truth, today we pray for all students. Put them in environments where they can learn, where they can grow, where they can answer your call to be who they are meant to be.  Bless all students, teachers, administrators, cooks, janitors, drivers, parents, guards, and those who support the school system in any way.  We thank you for the opportunity and the capacity to learn.  Amen.

Prayer for July 27

Prayer for July 27: Please pray with me. God of truth, today we pray to lessen our desire to be right. Help us to see that humility is a better way to live and that being open to the idea that we might be wrong takes all of us much farther in life. At the same time, we’re being very careful in what we ask for Lord. Please don’t humble us – we don’t think we are prepared for what that might look like. Maybe a better way would be to tire us out when we are so stuck on being right. It’s exhausting being right and always trying to correct and save everyone Lord. Please make that exhaustion so big and tiring that we just give up on the whole notion of trying to be right all the time. Help us to have a listening ear and open arms – even with our enemies. We can’t change them, but we can forgive them, show them grace and mercy, and offer them love.  What they do in response is out of our control.  Give us the strength to be an example, to be your representative here, in this place – to be your hands, feet, and mouth.  Amen.