Prayer for April 26

Prayer for April 26: Please pray with me. God of all people, today we pray for our elected leaders and those that vote.  We implore you to touch government officials lives with wisdom and shift their yearnings from seeking power to empowering people, offering a vision for people to join in as opposed to dividing people and being true leaders who seek ways to serve their neighbors rather than being served.  We also pray for voters, that they not vote the lesser of two evils, recognizing it as still voting for evil.  Rather help them discern who would be best for office.  Help voters to recognize that they are empowered to change society and that they are not helpless in this regard.  Remind them that they have a responsibility to act when they see an injustice and that responsibility to act is not calling a government official to do something about it and then forgetting about the matter.  Amen.