Prayer for February 12

Prayer for February 12: Please pray with me.  Holy one, you know what it means to be vulnerable.  You are vulnerable.  You call on us to join you in being vulnerable.  How else to explain all the times you come to us.  You risk it all when you encounter us.  You set covenants with your people over and over again, risking it all.  You make promises that no one else could possibly keep.  Yet, over and over again, you approach us in vulnerability.  And you invite us to be vulnerable with you and with each other.  But that is not easy for us.  So often we fear being vulnerable – as though it is a weakness.  We fear  others knowing our faults and weaknesses.  We fear showing our brokenness.  We fear allowing others in.  Yet, this is exactly what you call us to.  You see it all Lord.  You know our faults, our brokenness, and our weakness – and yet you still love us and encounter us.  Why?  Because you love your creation in ways that are unexplainable.  Thank you.  Help us to be vulnerable – with you, with others, and with ourselves.  Amen.


Prayer for November 22

Prayer for November 22: Please pray with me.  God of peace, today we pray that you would make us peacemakers.  Let us not be satisfied with waiting for peace to come to us, as if others are supposed to start.  This is a violent and divisive world Lord.  You call us to be vulnerable.  You call us to take a risk.  You call us to live the way of peace – not wait for other to give us peace first.  Help us to answer this call.  Amen.