Prayer for January 18

Prayer for January 18: Please pray with me. God of time, it’s the middle of the week.  Today we offer a simple, yet complicated prayer.  We give you thanks that we are alive at this time.  Make us instruments of your will and your peace today.  Let us carry your light to those who are in darkness.  Because you bless us, help us to be a blessing to others.  Amen.

Prayer for December 15

Prayer for December 15: Please pray with me.  In your words, you teach us to pray that your kingdom will come and that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This seems like an easy prayer Lord, yet it is not.  Let your kingdom come and your will be done – that means it is not our kingdom or our will.  How difficult a prayer is this?  What are you asking us to actually pray?  Help us to see that we are not in control – you are.  Help us to hear the words that tell us that we pray to align ourselves with your will, not our own.  We have big plans Lord, or so we think.  Yet, your will is so much bigger and better.  Help us to be humble enough to set our will aside when we pray and recognize that we are instruments of your peace, hope, joy, mercy, and love.  Amen.

Prayer for October 31

Prayer for October 31: Please pray with me. God of will, today we pray that your will be done.  You taught us this pray when Jesus prayed it, yet how often do we ignore it?  Instead we seek and desperately desire to force our own will upon others.  We know the end result of this – It never ends well.  Why do we do this?  Soften our hearts and minds Lord.  Move us to relent so that your Spirit will work in and through us to move us to be in alignment with your will.  Amen.


Prayer for October 18

Prayer for October 18: Please pray with me. Incarnate God, today we pray that we would hear Jesus’s call to be persistent in prayer.  Let what we pray about matter so much that we, like the widow, get in your face with our petitions.  We aren’t crazy enough to think we have the answers God, so we aren’t demanding that you answer our petitions the way we want.  Instead, we ask that through prayer you transform us to be instruments of your kingdom and will.  And in so doing, send us out to be persistent in living out our call to love our neighbors, to be stewards of creation, to sound an alarm where there is injustice, and to seek to reconcile broken relationships.  Amen.