Prayer for October 16

Prayer for October 16: Please pray with me.  God of the stressed, today we ask that you walk with the stressed of our world.  They need you Lord.  They need to be heard.  They need to have weight taken off of their shoulders.  They need rest. They need time alone to recover and catch up.  They need so much.  Turn them to also seeing that they can’t face stress alone or else they will break.  Turn them to asking for help.  Turn them to allowing others to help them.  Turn them and us Lord to you.  Amen.


Prayer for October 11

Prayer for October 11: Please pray with me.  God who keeps on surprising us, help us today to see the world and all peoples in the way you see people.  Just for a glimpse.  I imagine it would be so shocking, as to blow our mind away.  Where we see differences and divisions, anger and hatred, ideologies and beliefs – I can only imagine how you see people.  I’m willing to bet that the only words that come close would be “Child of God.”  Open our eyes to see others, all people, including our enemies, as a Child of God.  And in so seeing others this way, soften our hearts to treat others as is they are children of God – regardless of the cost.  Amen.

Prayer for June 24

Prayer for June 24: Please pray with me. God of all nations, help us to turn to you as the savior of our nations and our world. Help us to discern words that divide people by race, nationality, language, religion for what they are. Help us to hear your words – words that tell us that you created the world and all in it, and that it is good.  Words that tell us that you became incarnate in the world because you love the world, creation and all people so very much.  Help us live out those words in our lives and to speak those words to those around us.  Amen.

Prayer for June 21

Prayer for June 21: Please pray with me. God of hope, today we pray that you would give people vision to see what could be in this world.  A world where you come to dwell with creation to renew creation and all people with healing.  A world where your holy city has open gates and no walls and welcomes all in.  A world that lives in your light.  Help us to see that world around us as you transform the world and us.  Help us to live into that world and share the vision with those around us. Amen.